Parlay's Loyalty program is the most innovative Reward program in the industry "coming September 1, 2016"

all purchases between August 1, 2016 and August 31, 2016 will be counted in the new Reward program

The Parlay Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for purchases and certain actions you take on the site. Points can be exchanged for product discounts, luxury travel awards, luxury items and even cash back!.

Program Overview

Earning points and Status

  • Need to sign up for the Parlay Rewards program, it's not automatic. Access to Parlay Rewards requires singing up on the Parlay Rewards website.
  • Earn 1 Parlay Rewards point for every 1 US dollar spent on Parlay's products and services; shipping and taxes are not included.
  • There are three status levels, Parlay Silver, Parlay Gold and Parlay Platinum. Silver requires 25,000, Gold requires 50,000 and Platinum requires 100,000.
  • Status is determined at the end of each calendar month measuring points accumulated in the previous 12 calendar months.
  • Once a status level is achieved, it remains valid for the following 12 calendar months regardless of spending during that period unless a higher level is achieved during that period where the higher status is awarded and maintained, again, for the following 12 months.
  • Silver Status allows customers to earn 1.25 point for each 1 US dollar spent, 1.5 points for gold and 2 points for Platinum.
  • Referral points: you earn 10,000 Parlay Rewards points for every customer referred and purchases Parlay products.
  • Unused Parlay Rewards points expire at the end of the 36th month from the month their were earned.

Spending Points

  • Cash back: points can be used to receive cash back in the form of a check sent to the billing address on records. For cash back purposes each 1 US dollar is equal 30 Parlay Rewards points.
  • Parlay Product Purchases: points can be used to buy Parlay products. At checkout an option is given to use Parlay Rewards points. For product purchases each 1 US dollar is equal to 30 Parlay Rewards points.
  • Awards: points can be used in exchange for exclusive luxury gifts such as vacations, watches, women handbags, luggage sets, etc. Available awards will be listed in the Parlay Rewards website.
  • Parlay Rewards points are used as follows: First Earned, First Used.
  • Parlay Medical reserves the right to change program rules at its own discretion. Parlay Rewards points earned under certain rules will be governed by the rules they were earned for up to 1 year from the date they were earned.